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10 Unique Baby Names We Love in 2020

Posted by Honeyluu's Baby Boutique on

10 Unique Baby Names We Love in 2020

While we love old fashioned classics such as Sarah and Michael, so many new and interesting baby names have emerged in 2020 that we have come to love! Here is a list of our 10 favorite unique baby names of 2020.

1. Fleur - The ultimate flower name, with a French accent.

2. Koa - This Hawaiian name meaning warrior benefits from its resemblance to the popular name Noah.

3. Romilly—Rome-related name first used for boys but now more popular for girls.

4. Tempest—Stormy word name that's never been more appropriate.

5. Xen—Zenlike name for either gender.

6. Wynn—Uplifting choice for either gender.

7. Henley—The ley ending adds instant trendiness to any name. including this place-name of a British river town.

8. Eira—Welsh name that means snow.

9. Cassia—Feminine form of the newly-trendy Cassius and Cassian, with a spicy flair.

10. Keir—Strong, simple name that relates to the popular female Keira.

We hope that gives some inspiration to all the new parents to be, or if you're planning to be expecting in the future!

Do you have any unique baby names that you love? Share them in the comments below!

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